Elena A. Lebedeva

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The purpose of the work was to study correlation between blood Se levels and lipid fractions in patients with severe type I diabetes mellitus. Great individual variations of Se blood concentrations were noted in diabetic patients. There was no statistically significant difference from Se levels in healthy persons. Positive correlation of Se levels with the(More)
The application of the continuous wavelet transform to the study of a wide class of physical processes with oscillatory dynamics is restricted by large central frequencies owing to the admissibility condition. We propose an alternative reconstruction formula for the continuous wavelet transform, which is applicable even if the admissibility condition is(More)
Recently, it has been proven [R. Soc. Open Sci. 1 (2014) 140124] that the continuous wavelet transform with non-admissible kernels (approximate wavelets) allows for an existence of the exact inverse transform. Here we consider the computational possibility for the realization of this approach. We provide modified simpler explanation of the reconstruction(More)
White non-inbred rats received rations with varying content of the test fish product. Animals given the ration with casein served as controls. The changes in the animals' body mass, the relative mass of the internal organs, as well as their morphology and parameters of protein and lipid metabolism were studied. The analysis of the results obtained has shown(More)
Treatment results of 64 patients who had simultaneous laparoscopic cholecystectomy and gynecologic surgery were compared with treatment results of 66 patients after simultaneous laparoscopic cholecystectomy and gynecologic surgery, performed through laparotomy. The influence of carboxyperitoneum on central hemodynamics and terms of its normalization, time(More)
Over a month a group of 65 practically healthy medical students, leading a usual life, received diets according to the apportionment elaborated in agreement with "Recommended Values of Food and Energy Physiological Requirements" (1968). From daily measurement of body weight it was established that normally the weight got stabilized after two weeks' elapse(More)