Elena A. Lebedeva

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The application of the continuous wavelet transform to the study of a wide class of physical processes with oscillatory dynamics is restricted by large central frequencies owing to the admissibility condition. We propose an alternative reconstruction formula for the continuous wavelet transform, which is applicable even if the admissibility condition is(More)
Recently, it has been proven [R. Soc. Open Sci. 1 (2014) 140124] that the continuous wavelet transform with non-admissible kernels (approximate wavelets) allows for an existence of the exact inverse transform. Here we consider the computational possibility for the realization of this approach. We provide modified simpler explanation of the reconstruction(More)
In the article is proposed the method for preoperative spinal structures state prediction based on biomechanical studies of the spine stress - strain state. Is developed the technology and are shown the results of research for spine ligaments sprains performed at INSTRON installation. Also are shown the spine departments and implants geometric and computer(More)
The effects of the specific blockers of the inward Na-current --lidocaine and tetrodotoxin (TTX) were studied with microelectrode technique on the spontaneously beating strips of the mouse sinoauricular (SA) area. Lidocaine (25 microM) and TTX (25 pM) increased the duration of the peak of the action potentials (AP) of true pacemaker cells by extending the(More)
We propose the modification of the complex wavelet transform adapted for an analysis of strong nonlinear oscillations with a shape far from sinusoidal. It is based on the rotation of transform modulus obtained via usage of the Morlet wavelet in such a way that higher harmonics are merged with a main one. The method is illustrated by application to the(More)
Analysis of muscle reconstruction research is carried out in the article, and a model of force transmission processes from myofilaments to tendon is proposed. The model allows observe the sequence of the processes occurring in muscle during concentric and eccentric contraction mode.
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