Elena A Kalashnikova

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Chronic endobronchial inflammation and bacterial infection are the main causes of morbidity and mortality in cystic fibrosis (CF), an autosomal recessive genetic disorder associated with improper function of chloride channels. Inflammation in CF lung is greatly amplified after Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection. In this study the relationship between P.(More)
Benzodiazepines (BDZs) are known to act not only in the central nervous system, but on peripheral cells and tissues binding to the peripheral-type benzodiazepine receptors. In the present study, the influence of two different BDZs (diazepam (Dz) and tofizopam (Tof) on several immune functions has been examined in vitro. Some differences between Dz and Tof(More)
The effect of vaccination with diphtheria toxoid (AD-M) on TNF and IL-6 production has been studied in humans. In the present study it was demonstrated that immunization with AD-M resulted in changes of in vitro TNF and IL-6 production by peripheral blood mononuclear cells. TNF release was suppressed but IL-6 production was stimulated. On the other hand,(More)
BACKGROUND The life expectancy of patients with cystic fibrosis (CF) is largely dependent on the pulmonary disease severity and progress. Malnutrition may be an important complicating factor in active and chronic lung disease. AIMS The focus of this study was to investigate several inflammatory markers in pancreatic-insufficient CF patients with different(More)
Immunomodulating effects of a neoglycoconjugate created on the basis of alpha1-acid glycoprotein (AGP) carbohydrate chains and synthetic protein-free carrier have been investigated. It was demonstrated that this pseudo-AGP suppressed PHA- or anti-CD3 antibody-induced lymphocyte proliferation in a dose-dependent manner. Pseudo-AGP revealed a similar(More)
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