Elena A Gereng

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BACKGROUND There are several clinical variants of severe difficult-to-treat asthma: asthma with persistent airflow limitation, brittle asthma, and fatal asthma; but the differences between the pathogenetic mechanisms underlying the disease heterogeneity are unknown. OBJECTIVES The aim was to evaluate the morphological and molecular characteristics of(More)
Eosinophilia characterized by accumulation of low-density eosinophils and high functional activity of normal-density eosinophils was detected in the blood from patients with bronchial asthma. Low-density eosinophils are characterized by low content of granules. In patients with bronchial asthma morphological and functional characteristics of bronchial(More)
AIM To ascertain morphological features of severe uncontrolled bronchial asthma (BA) of brittle phenotype. MATERIAL AND METHODS Standard bronchofibroscopy was made in 10 patients with severe BA (brittle phenotype) and 9 patients with moderate BA. Cell composition of bronchial lavage and morphological indices of bronchial mucosa biopsies were studied. (More)
Infection with the fish borne liver fluke Opisthorchis felineus is common in the Eastern Europe (Ukraine, European part of Russia), Northern Asia (Siberia) and Central Asia (Northern Kazakhstan). Better understanding of the molecular pathogenesis of the biliary tract and liver during chronic opisthorchiasis can be expected to improve protection against and(More)
BACKGROUND Heavy bleeding is developed in case of spleen injury. It often leads to death. At present the search and development of new methods for hemostasis of spleen bleeding continues. An innovative method is coagulation of nonequilibrium plasma. OBJECTIVE Our aim was to study the effect of nonequilibrium plasma on the morphofunctional state of the(More)
The objective of the present work was to search for the tissue and cellular markers of remodeling of bronchial mucosa in the patients with different clinical forms of bronchial asthma (BA). The use of up-to-date morphometric techniques has demonstrated that mild and moderately severe forms of bronchial asthma are accompanied by the development of Th2-immune(More)
Therapy of rats with CCl4 hepatitis with Stellaria media L. water-soluble polysaccharide fraction in a dose of 100 mg/kg reduces serum activities of transaminases (ALT and AST), alkaline phosphatase, bilirubin, and the thymol test values. In the liver, the density of inflammatory infiltration of the organ parenchyma, total count of necrotic hepatocytes,(More)
AIM To reveal the tissue, cellular, and molecular predictors leading to the development of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in smokers on the basis of a morphometric analysis of bronchial biopsy specimens. MATERIALS AND METHODS A cross-sectional study was conducted in 115 smokers aged 40 to 60 years (58.3±3.24 years) with a male predominance(More)
Expression of IL-5 mRNA and the content of IL-5 in the sputum of patients with asthma of different severity were studied before and after treatment. The expression of IL-5 mRNA in mild asthma differed from that in severe and moderate asthma before and after treatment. The level of IL-5 before therapy was different in patients with mild and severe disease.(More)
This review describes the problems of disperse endocrine system and APUD-system morphology, summarizes some debatable issues of single endocrine cell biology. The data presented refer to the history of both systems discovery, morphological methods of their study, developmental sources, their structural organization and physiological roles of their cells.(More)