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Mitochondrial (mt) and chloroplast (ct) genome inheritance was studied in barley-wheat hybrids, as were their progenies obtained from backcrosses with different common wheat cultivars, by monitoring the composition of 4 mtDNA (coxI, a 5'-flanking region of cob, nad3-orf156, and 5'-upstream region of 18S/5S) and 2 ctDNA (simple-sequence repeat locus(More)
We present the effects of cytoplasm substitution on five productivity traits in an alloplasmic barley collection. 60 lines combining 5 nuclear genomes of cultivated barley varieties and 12 plasmons of two barley species (H. vulgare, H. spontaneum) displayed various effects depending on definite nuclei-cytoplasm combinations. Only four cytoplasmic genomes(More)
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