Elen Giorgadze

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Graves' disease is an autoimmune disorder with various clinical manifestations. Thyrotropin receptor antibodies (TRAbs), the circulating autoantibodies specific to Graves' disease, are the cause for hyperthyroidism, the most prevalent abnormality. Hyperthyroidism leads to increased bone turnover and a negative bone balance. The aims of the present study(More)
White adipose tissue macrophages and both in peripheral blood simples obtained in biopsies from male (n=14) and female (n=11) gluteal depots, were observes by light and electron microscopic methods, in obese in patients with BMI (35,2±7,9 and 31,3±8,5) in female and men, consequently. The data indicates on the positive correlation between adipocytes death,(More)
Investigation of the patho-and morphogenesis of TG diseases in the regions of Georgia, on the basis of modern approaches to the questions of classification and treatment, coordinated with the Program of the European Association of Pathologists were carried out. We have examined the surgery material from the patients operated in Tbilisi within the period(More)
AIM The role of behavioural factors and sleep duration and quality is important in the pathogenesis of obesity. The aim of our study was to evaluate the effects of behavioural risk factors on melatonin secretion in women. SUBJECTS AND METHODS In total, 120 female patients were enrolled in the study and divided into two groups according to the body mass(More)
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