Eleftherios Papachristos

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In this paper, a novel methodology for selecting appropriate color scheme for a web site is presented. The methodology uses a machine learning algorithm for generating a network that relates the color model of a web site with the emotional values that are attributed to it by its users. The approach involves an empirical study to collect data, used to train(More)
This paper investigates whether immediate impression about websites influences only perceptions of attractiveness. The evaluative constructs of perceived usability, credibility and novelty were investigated alongside visual appeal in an experimental setting in which users evaluated 20 website screenshots in two phases. The websites were rated by the(More)
The usability is recognized as an important quality factor of any modern website. In this paper, techniques for usability evaluation of a website are proposed and their use is described. The results of application of these techniques are discussed in the frame of the design and evaluation of a web portal, serving an Academic Department. The applicability of(More)
Color plays an important role in web site design. The selection of effective chromatic combinations and the relation of color to the perceived aesthetic and emotional value of a web site is the focus of this paper. The subject of the reported research has been to define a model through which to be able to associate color combinations with specific desirable(More)
This paper explores the possibility to predict positive aesthetic impression and user preference of website design through a combination of objective and subjective factors. The objective factors used are symmetry, order, balance, complexity while the subjective ones include familiarity novelty ratings. The advantages of such an approach is the reduction of(More)
Studying the effect of perceived hedonic mobile device quality on user experience evaluations of mobile applications Dimitrios Raptisa∗, Eleftherios Papachristosb, Jesper Kjeldskovc, Mikael B. Skovc and Nikolaos Avourisb aDepartment of Computer Science, Aalborg University, Office 5.2.34, Selma Lagerlöfs Vej 300, Aalborg, Denmark; bElectrical and Computer(More)
1 University of Patras, Greece, email: epap@ee.upatras.gr nitse@ee.upatras.gr, avouris@upatras.gr (in Proceedings of 17 European Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Riva di Garda, Italy, August 2006. Abstract. Colour plays an important role in web site design. The selection of effective chromatic combinations and the relation of colour to the perceived(More)
Social media provide businesses with a great opportunity for monitoring customer views about their products or their brand. However this valuable information is hidden often in large amounts of data. So there is a need for new tools that filter data and enable businesses to find easily relevant info rmation. Recently research that focuses on methods and(More)
The objective of this study was to apply a technique called preference mapping to the context of aesthetic website evaluation. Preference mapping is a method in which evaluators and stimuli are simultaneously represented in the same multidimensional space. User segmentations and drivers of preference can easily be identified. We argue that this technique is(More)