Eleftherios A Thireos

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BACKGROUND Disease prevention and health promotion are important tasks in the daily practice of all general practitioners (GPs). The objective of this study was to explore the knowledge and attitudes of European GPs in implementing evidence-based health promotion and disease prevention recommendations in primary care, to describe GPs' perceived barriers to(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study is to determine the prevalence of burnout in Greek medical residents, investigate its relationship with training satisfaction during residency and survey Greek medical residents' opinion towards the European Work Time Directive (EWTD). METHODS A Multi-centre, cross-sectional survey of Greek residents was performed. The(More)
Objective: To describe the syndrome of rhabdomyolysis during bacterial sepsis with regard to incidence, blood bacteriology and complications and to examine the association between hyperosmolal state and rhabdomyolysis, evaluating the relationship between plasma osmolality (Posm) and serum creatine phosphokinase (CPK) levels. Design: Prospective study(More)
OBJECTIVES Until recently, in-patient NHS hospital care in Greece was reimbursed via an anachronistic and under-priced retrospective per diem system, which has been held primarily responsible for continuous budget deficits. The purpose of this paper is to present the efforts of the Ministry of Health (MoH) to implement a new DRG-based payment system. (More)
BACKGROUND For preventive interventions in general practice to succeed, patients' points of view must be taken into account in addition to those of GPs. OBJECTIVE To explore patients' views and beliefs about the importance of lifestyle and preventive interventions, to assess their readiness to make changes to their lifestyle and their willingness to(More)
BACKGROUND Most of the national colleges of general practitioners (GPs) do not have their own dietary/nutritional tools, and GPs and nurses do not have the time, knowledge, or skills to advise their patients about desirable dietary practices. OBJECTIVE To assess the usefulness of a simple and practical guide on healthy diet to be used by European GPs and(More)
Beriberi, thiamine deficiency, is classified as "dry" (neurologic) or "wet" (cardiovascular) and may be mixed. Deficiency of this vitamin may be nutritional or secondary to alcohol intoxication. In Western societies (occidental beriberi), the disorder is more commonly observed in long-term alcohol abusers. However, it may go undiagnosed because it is(More)
Our aim was to calculate the morbidity, hospitalizations and subsequent hospital costs for the treatment of the smoking-attributable fraction of diseases in Greece using a prevalence-based annual cost approach. In 2011, smoking accounted for 199,028 hospital admissions (8.9% of the national total), with attributable hospital treatment costs calculated at(More)
Our recent descriptive report in this journal of “Healthometer,” an interactive instrument for self-mediated health counseling, was well received in the medical systems research and development community. Suitable for paper as well as electronic mediation and covering both screening, processing/storage, and advisory tasks in a positively reinforcing and(More)
Several KPIs were examined, but the study focuses on the mean pharmaceutical cost per patient, which was then adjusted to the case mix of the units, by using a hospital clinical weight indicator, estimated as the weighted average of particular incidents, based on GR-DRG data. The results were statistically analysed, in order to group the changes, before and(More)