Eleftheria Vellidou

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Falls among the elderly is a major public health problem due to its causality for increased dependency. It can be tackled thanks to innovative Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) along with new forms of service delivery organization such as home care. In the context of a Marie Curie project we have proposed the KINOPTIM concept, a comprehensive(More)
The increasingly ageing population and the healthcare expenses explosion urge for innovative solutions strongly related to prevention, improvement of quality of life and maintaining an independent life as long as possible. Therefore, the core of the BIOTELEKINESY project is to provide an innovative ICT based interface with a holistic approach to detect and(More)
Falls are prominent among the causes of unintentional injury, particularly for the elderly, bringing serious socioeconomic impact to ageing societies. To address these challenges, ICT have recently demonstrated their potential in providing fall prevention solutions to the elderly. KINOPTIM project contributes towards this direction by developing a homecare(More)
Several convenience and efficiency applications have been proposed as part of recent vehicular networks (a.k.a. VANET) activities. Among these proposals, eHealth has often been studied as a time-critical application to emulate an ambulance. The Vehicle-To-Infrastructure (V2I) setting is the typical communication scenario to carry out the data in this case.(More)
Recent vehicular networking activities include novel automotive applications, such as public vehicle to vehicle/infrastructure (V2X), large scale deployments, machine-to-machine (M2M) integration scenarios, and more. The platform described in this paper focuses on the integration of eHealth in a V2I setting. This is to allow the use of Internet from a(More)
Over the past years, the scientific community has witnessed a tremendous growth of applications in heath care telematics. The adoption rate of web based practices was not the same for all medical specialties. Others such as cardiology were fast adopters mainly due to the “electric” nature of the standard diagnostic tools (electro-cardiographer) but others(More)
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