Eleazar Vega-SaenzdeMiera

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A spontaneous neurological mutation was detected in a colony of Sprague Dawley rats. The animals developed a progressive neurological syndrome characterized by tremor (which appeared at the age of 1 month), ataxia (at 4 months), immobility episodes (after 5-6 months), audiogenic seizures and hindlimb paralysis (after 10 months). Cross breeding experiments(More)
Angiogenesis is essential for promoting growth and metastasis of solid tumors by ensuring blood supply to the tumor mass. Targeting angiogenesis is therefore an attractive approach to therapeutic intervention of cancer. Tumor angiogenesis is a process that is controlled by a complex network of molecular components including sensors, signaling transducers,(More)
Ca2+ influx across the sea urchin sperm plasma membrane is a necessary step during the egg jelly-induced acrosome reaction. There is pharmacological evidence for the involvement of Ca2+ channels in this influx, but their presence has not been directly demonstrated because of the small size of this cell. Sea urchin sperm Ca2+ channels are being studied by(More)
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