Eleazar Samuel Kolosovas-Machuca

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BACKGROUND Infrared thermography can be a valuable diagnostic tool in the evaluation and management of several pathologies; however, the temperature pattern of the healthy body should be known in order to perform a more precise clinical evaluation. METHODS A total of 25 healthy children (10 female and 15 male) were examined with a thermographic camera.(More)
Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (MWNTs) are a good choice for resistive biosensors due to their great resistance changes when immunoreactions take place, they are also low-cost, more biocompatible than single-walled carbon nanotubes, and resistive measurement equipment is usually not expensive and readily available. In this work a novel resistive biosensor(More)
BACKGROUND Clinical trials have shown the effectiveness of systemic and local insulin therapy in improving wound healing. Diabetic wounds remain a challenge for healthcare providers. Impaired angiogenesis and reduced granulation tissue formation contribute to inadequate wound healing. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of local insulin(More)
Digital infrared thermal imaging is used to assess noninvasively the severity of burn wounds in 13 pediatric patients. A delta-T (ΔT) parameter obtained by subtracting the temperature of a healthy contralateral region from the temperature of the burn wound is compared with the burn depth measured histopathologically. Thermal imaging results show that(More)
In this article nickel interdigital capacitors were fabricated on top of silicon substrates. The capacitance of the interdigital capacitor was optimized by coating the electrodes with a 60 nm layer of HfO2. An analytical solution of the capacitance was compared to electromagnetic simulations using COMSOL and with experimental measurements. Results show that(More)
Background and Objective. Pain evaluation in children can be a difficult task, since it possesses sensory and affective components that are often hard to discriminate. Infrared thermography has previously been used as a diagnostic tool for pain detection in animals; therefore, the aim of this study was to assess the presence of temperature changes during(More)
Shock is a complex clinical syndrome caused by an acute failure of circulatory function resulting in inadequate tissue and organ perfusion. Digital infrared thermal imaging is a non-invasive technique that can detect changes in blood perfusion by detecting small changes in the temperature of the skin. In this preliminary study, eight pediatric patients(More)
As a consequence of noise exposure, lack of attention badly affects directly the academic and work performance. The study of the brain and the waves that it produces is the most objective way to evaluate this process. Attentional improvement is associated with increases of the amplitude in both beta and theta bands. The objective of this work is to study(More)
Noise conditions specifically in areas inside university facilities and its impact on the quality of life of university students are topics that have received little attention. This paper presents a study of the noise conditions in which university students of various institutions in Madrid, Spain, carry out their daily studies. A representative number of(More)