Eleanor Thornton

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A scale based on underlying core beliefs generated by the experience of epilepsy was developed. The scale, with measures of coping, adaptability, and knowledge, was used to examine the commonly-reported differences in emotional adjustment between patients (EP) and a non-epileptic population (NEP). The EP had significantly lower perceived self efficacy and(More)
BACKGROUND Rain and flooding from Hurricane Katrina resulted in widespread growth of mold and bacteria and production of allergens in New Orleans, Louisiana, which may have led to increased exposures and morbidity in children with asthma. OBJECTIVES The goal of the Head-off Environmental Asthma in Louisiana (HEAL) study was to characterize post-Katrina(More)
BACKGROUND Childhood asthma morbidity and mortality in New Orleans, Louisiana, is among the highest in the nation. In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina created an environmental disaster that led to high levels of mold and other allergens and disrupted health care for children with asthma. OBJECTIVES We implemented a unique hybrid asthma counselor and(More)
BACKGROUND In the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, and surrounding parishes (NOLA), children with asthma were perilously impacted by Hurricane Katrina as a result of disrupted health care, high home mold and allergen levels, and high stress. OBJECTIVES The Head-off Environmental Asthma in Louisiana (HEAL) study was conducted to examine relationships(More)
OBJECTIVES To review how disasters introduce unique challenges to conducting population-based research and community-based participatory research (CBPR). METHODS From 2007-2009, we conducted the Head-off Environmental Asthma in Louisiana (HEAL) Study in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in a Gulf Coast community facing an unprecedented triple burden:(More)
Change prereqs to MATH101 or Placement Exam, and CET113 (may be taken concurrently); Approved. Revise description to: Study of the genetic processes that affect their evolution, including natural selection, gene flow, and mutation. Review of basic genetics from General Biology. Applications of genetics to modern problems in ecology and conservation.(More)
Mold and other allergen exposures exacerbate asthma symptoms in sensitized individuals. We evaluated allergen concentrations, skin test sensitivities, and asthma morbidity for 182 children, aged 4-12 years, with moderate to severe asthma, enrolled 18 months after Katrina, from the city of New Orleans and the surrounding parishes that were impacted by the(More)
OBJECTIVE To report implementation strategies and outcomes of an evidence-based asthma counseling intervention. The Head-off Environmental Asthma in Louisiana (HEAL) intervention integrated asthma counseling (AC) capacity and addressed challenges facing children with asthma in post-disaster New Orleans. METHODS The HEAL intervention enrolled 182 children(More)
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