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Asymmetric Matters from a Dark First-Order Phase Transition
We introduce a model for matters-genesis in which both the baryonic and dark matter asymmetries originate from a first-order phase transition in a dark sector with an $SU(3) \times SU(2) \times U(1)$Expand
Baryogenesis from a dark first-order phase transition
We present a very minimal model for baryogenesis by a dark first-order phase transition. It employs a new dark SU(2) D gauge group with two doublet Higgs bosons, two lepton doublets, and twoExpand
Non-perturbative methods for false vacuum decay
Djuna Croon, 2, ∗ Eleanor Hall, 4, † and Hitoshi Murayama 4, 5, ‡ TRIUMF, 4004 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 2A3, Canada Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology, Department of Physics, DurhamExpand
Asymmetric Dark Matter May Not Be Light
Eleanor Hall, 2 Robert McGehee, Hitoshi Murayama, 2, 4 and Bethany Suter 2 Berkeley Center for Theoretical Physics, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720, USA Theory Group, Lawrence BerkeleyExpand