Eleanor G. Zuhowski

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Cisplatin is a potent cytotoxic agent that functions as a bivalent elect-rophile, forming both interstrand and intrastrand DNA cross-links. Cis-platin-mediated DNA damage results in cell cycle arrest and initiation of apoptotic cell death. Increased cellular glutathione concentrations have been closely correlated with cisplatin resistance but do not reduce(More)
In screening neuroactive compounds for their possible interaction with rat thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH) receptors, some benzodiazepines were found to compete relatively potently for specific [3H](3-Me-His2)TRH [( 3H]MeTRH) binding. The profile of activity (chlordiazepoxide greater than diazepam greater than flurazepam greater than lurazepam greater(More)
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