Eleanor Brindle

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BACKGROUND Specific gravity (SG) may perform as well as creatinine (CR) correction for adjusting urinary hormone concentrations, as well as offer some advantages. We compared the two methods and applied them to US and Bangladeshi specimens to evaluate their use in different populations. METHODS Pearson correlations between serum concentrations and SG, CR,(More)
BACKGROUND Monitoring of reproductive steroid hormones at the population level requires frequent measurements, hormones or metabolites that remain stable under less than ideal collection and storage conditions, a long-term supply of antibodies, and assays useful for a range of populations. We developed enzyme immunoassays for urinary pregnanediol(More)
BACKGROUND Retinol-binding protein (RBP) is accepted as a surrogate biochemical marker for retinol to determine vitamin A (VA) status. A recently developed enzyme immunoassay for RBP uses serum or whole blood stored as dried blood spots (DBS). However, the stability of RBP in DBS has not been examined. METHODS RBP stability was studied in a laboratory and(More)
Deficiencies of vitamin A and iron affect a significant portion of the world's population, and efforts to characterize patterns of these deficiencies are hampered by a lack of measurement tools appropriate for large-scale population-based surveys. Vitamin A and iron are not easily measured directly, so reliable proxy markers for deficiency status have been(More)
Hormonal changes that occur before or during parturition are known to trigger early postpartum maternal behaviors in many mammals. In humans, little evidence has been found for hormonal mediation of early postpartum maternal behavior. In this paper, we investigate associations between fetoplacental hormone concentrations in late pregnancy on the time from(More)
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