Eldho S. Kollialil

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Weapon detection in luggages using X-ray machines at various security tight areas especially airports are inevitable. The process tends to be time consuming and requires the skills of a human operator to identify the weapon from the contents of the luggage. An automated weapon (gun) detection method for luggage screening systems utilizing connected(More)
Epileptic seizures are abnormal, excessive, synchronous and unprovoked neural activity occuring in the brain affecting 2% of the world population. Epileptic patients mostly generates interictal EEG which on accurate detection provides vital information for epileptic seizure prediction. Nonconvulsive epilepsy, most commonly occuring epilepsy, results in(More)
An epileptic seizure is an abnormal harmonious neural activity in the brain characterized by the presence of spikes in the electroencephalographic patterns. Petit Mal is a common form of epilepsy (a neurological disorder resulting in recurrent seizures) in children. An automated detection of Petit Mal seizures assists the neurologists in effective(More)
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