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LOTIS (Livermore Optical Transient Imaging System) is a gamma-ray burst optical counterpart search experiment located near Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California. The system is linked to the GCN (GRB Coordinates Network) real-time coordinate distribution network and can respond to a burst trigger in 6–15 seconds. LOTIS has a total(More)
The Linac Coherent Light Source is an x-ray free-electron laser that recently demonstrated lasing in the 1.5-15 Å wavelength range. We report on luminescence measurements of a molecular nitrogen gas irradiated by ∼2  mJ, 80 fs x-ray pulses at energies of 0.83, 2.7, and 8.3 keV. These results provide a direct test of our current understanding of(More)
GRB 990123 established the existence of prompt optical emission from gamma-ray bursts (GRBs). The Livermore Optical Transient Imaging System (LOTIS) has been conducting a fully automated search for this kind of simultaneous low energy emission from GRBs since October 1996. Although LOTIS has obtained simultaneous, or near simultaneous, coverage of the error(More)
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