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The objective of this paper was to perform a microclimate evaluation and determine the indexes of thermal comfort indexes, in sun and shade, in integrated crop-livestock-forest systems with different(More)
O objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar indices de conforto termico em sistemas de integracao lavoura-pecuaria-floresta, com eucalipto em arranjos de 14x2m (ILPF-1) e de 22x2m (ILPF-2) e arvores(More)
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  • Este trabalho teve como objetivo avaliar prototipos de aquecedor solar para pintinhos com 1,0; 1,5 e 2,0 m de diâmetro (tratamentos AQ1, AQ2 e AQ3, respectivamente) com base nos indices de conforto(More)
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  • Thermal analysis of individual portable shade and shade structure for calves. This work aims at evaluating and analyze the thermal environment in different types of individual calves structures in(More)
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  • This study aims to evaluate the bioaccumulation of macronutrients and heavy metals in the golden mussel according to its collection site and seasonality in the aquaculture area of the reservoir from(More)
    Obici, L. V., C. R. Dias-Arieira, E. S. Klosowski, L. F. Fontana, T. P. L. Cunha, S. M. Santana and F. Biela. 2011. Effect of leguminous plants on Pratylenchus zeae and Helicotylenchus dihystera in(More)