Elchanan Luger

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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Low-power laser irradiation (LPLI) has been found to have a positive effect on bone fracture healing in animal models, based on morphogenic, biochemical, roentgenographic, and electron microscopic measurements. We investigated the effect of LPLI on bone fracture healing in rats using biomechanical methods. STUDY DESIGN/MATERIALS(More)
The efficacy of closed suction drains following joint arthroplasty operations was prospectively evaluated in a randomized manner. All 88 patients allotted to primary knee or hip arthroplasty operations during a 6-month period were included in the study. Drains were used in 32 of 58 patients following total knee arthroplasty and in 18 of 30 total hip(More)
The longitudinal arch between the heel and the forefoot and the transverse arch between the first and fifth metatarsal heads, absorb shock, energy and force. A device to measure plantar pressure was used in 66 normal healthy subjects and in 294 patients with various types of foot disorder. Only 22 (3%) of a total of 720 feet, had a dynamic metatarsal arch(More)
Forty-six hands of 23 cadavers (15 female and 8 male) were dissected to observe the patterns of distribution of the median nerve. The findings showed that in 33 hands the median nerve had a normal distribution of its branches. Also identified was the commonly recognized transligamentous variant, where the recurrent branch pierces the carpal ligament 2 to 4(More)
The calcaneus is the most frequently fractured tarsal bone. Compartment syndrome (CS) complicates fractures and other injuries and is most commonly described in association with the lower leg. The long-term sequelae of CS of the foot can include toe clawing, permanent loss of function, persistent pain, muscle atrophy, contracture, painful warts, weakness,(More)
A block of full extension may occur after malunion of an intercondylar tibial eminence fracture. Five patients with this complication were treated by arthroscopic femoral notchplasty. At follow-up, between 6 months and 5 years, four patients had regained full extension and the fifth was improved. This is an effective method of regaining extension in(More)
AIM To determine whether there is an association between lumbar spine radiographic findings and reported current and/or past lower back pain (LBP). MATERIALS AND METHODS Four hundred and sixty-four age-matched (mean age 18 years+/-2 months) consecutive male army recruits were examined. Half of them had a history of episodes of LBP. An orthopaedic(More)
OBJECTIVE To present an unusual case of traumatic extensive separation of the symphysis pubis during pregnancy and rationale for mode of treatment. DESIGN Diagnosis for etiology of public and lower back pain following trauma in a 37-year-old woman in an advanced stage of pregnancy. METHODS Physical examination and plain anterioposterior X-rays. (More)
STUDY DESIGN Open retrospective study. OBJECTIVES To assess the functional capacity impairment of chronic low back pain (LBP) patients using characteristic dynamic changes. SETTING Orthopaedics and Physiotherapy departments at Tel-Aviv, Israel. METHODS Thirty-eight normal healthy volunteers and 607 chronic LBP patients were tested on a computerized(More)
A retrospective study was conducted in order to investigate the relation between increased plantar pressure and ulcers in the diabetic foot and contribute more information on this subject. Maximal plantar pressure (MPP) is reported on various areas of the plantar aspects of the feet in 328 diabetic patients and 75 healthy subjects. An increase in MPP under(More)