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The external electroluminescence (EL) quantum efficiency (QEEL) of a polymer light-emitting diode (PLED) can be affected by the following four factors: a) charge balance, b) the efficiency of producing singlet excitons, c) photoluminescence quantum efficiency (QEPL), and d) the output coupling effect. The QEPL can approach unity and the efficiency of(More)
The issue of how best to cleave PMMAmicrostructured polymer optical fibres (mPOF) is addressed. The impact of the following parameters on the cleaving process is considered: (i) temperature of the cutting blade, (ii) temperature of the platen holding the fibre, (iii) time allowed for thermal equilibration between fibre and platen, (iv) blade speed, and (v)(More)
Understanding the spatial variability of precipitation extremes and their relationship to the El Nino Southern oscillation (ENSO) phenomenon is a valuable task since precipitation extremes are often related to natural disasters such as flooding. This study aims to evaluate and provide insight into the relationship between ENSO and the parameters of the(More)
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