Elbert-Jan Hennipman

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In this paper we explore a suitable prototyping technique and approach for an experience-oriented design process without the need for rich equipped labs and resources. The key solution lies in 'mixed-fidelity' prototypes with interaction-enabled 'front-ends' and simple 'back-ends'. We illustrate and validate this approach mainly with a student project done(More)
Displays arei ncreasinglyb eing provided foru se by non-IT experts, basedonr equestsf rom(non-expert)clientsofdesign. Designersofscreenc ontent andl ayout should be able to applye xistingV isualD esignk nowledge. Most engineersa nd designers, however,a re no specialisti nH uman-Computer Interaction. We aimatm akingthisknowledger eadilyavailablef or(More)
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