Elba Ortiz Romero

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Uranium is not only a heavy metal but also an alpha particle emitter. The main toxicity of uranium is expected to be due to chemiotoxicity rather than to radiotoxicity. Some studies have demonstrated that uranium induced some neurological disturbances, but without clear explanations. A possible mechanism of this neurotoxicity could be the oxidative stress(More)
The objectives of the current work were to develop a predictive population pharmacokinetic (PK)/pharmacodynamic (PD) model for the testosterone (TST) effects of triptorelin (TRP) administered in sustained-release (SR) formulations to patients with prostate cancer and determine the minimal required triptorelin serum concentration (C(TRP_min)) to keep the(More)
 A longitudinal study was conducted to evaluate the viral shedding present in cervicovaginal secretions of HIV-1-seropositive women receiving antiretroviral therapy. A total of 128 paired cervicovaginal and blood samples was obtained from 37 women during a median follow-up period of 21 months. A sensitive, competitive, polymerase chain reaction and a(More)
Tumors of hair germ are a very rare group of primary cutaneous neoplasms that have been divided into two groups: epithelial and mesenchymal. Epithelial neoplasms of hair germ are further subdivided into those that are purely epithelial (trichoblastomas) and into epithelial neoplasms with mesenchymal components that may cause inductive changes toward the(More)
We report an aggressive keratoacanthoma of the upper eyelid that recurred at the site of a previously excised keratoacanthoma. The diagnosis was confirmed by biopsy. Because the surgery required would be extensive, medical therapy was tried first. The tumor was treated with intralesional injections of 5-fluorouracil and radiotherapy. Despite this therapy,(More)
The theoretical investigation (studies) on calculations of indigo’s electronic structure have been performed with the the high-level theoretical method, Gaussian03, all geometries have been fully optimized with MP2 method using a 6-31G** basis set. These calculations shown that low reactivity can be attributed to its highly stability. The intramolecular(More)
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