Elayne C. Dell

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Replication-defective recombinant adenoviruses (rAd) are used as vectors for vaccines as well as for gene therapy. To determine type-specific antibodies to adenovirus (Ad) serotypes 2, 5, 24, 34, and 35, we developed quantitative neutralization assays using recombinant adenoviruses with the secreted alkaline phosphatase (SEAP) reporter gene. Among the(More)
Replication-deficient adenoviral (rAd5) vaccines containing codon-optimized E1, E2, E4, and E7 genes of canine oral papillomavirus (COPV) were tested singly or in combination to determine which vaccines could protect against mucosal challenge with COPV. In three studies, groups of 4-6 beagle dogs were immunized subcutaneously (s.c.) with 10(11) rAd5 at 8-10(More)
Study the disposition and target-neutralization capability of an anti-interleukin-6 (IL-6) monoclonal antibody (mAb) at the joint in a mouse collagen-induced arthritis (CIA) model. A mechanistic pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic study was conducted in a mouse CIA model using CNTO 345, a rat anti-mouse IL-6 mAb, as model compound. The drug, total/free IL-6(More)
A novel assay was developed to measure ratio of p-FMS (phospho FMS) to FMS using the Meso Scale Discovery(®) (MSD) technology and compared to the routinely used, IP-Western based approach. The existing IP-Western assay used lysed PBMCs (Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells) that were immunoprecipitated (IP) overnight, and assayed qualitatively by Western(More)
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