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On design and implementation of three phase three level shunt active power filter for harmonic reduction using synchronous reference frame theory
Abstract Shunt active power filter is commonly used to eliminate current harmonics generated in the source side due to presence of non-linear loads. This scheme consists of three phase three levelExpand
Design and implementation of Three Phase Three Level Shunt Active Power Filter for harmonic reduction
This paper presents simulation and hardware implementation of Three Phase Three Level Shunt Active Power Filter to mitigate the supply current harmonics and inject the required reactive power toExpand
A Comparative Analysis of Switching Logics for Five Phase Voltage Source Inverter
Electric drives plays a vital role in modern industries and its access is simplified with advances in power electronics and digital control. However pulsating torque in the drive and injection ofExpand
Hybrid Controller for Three Level Shunt Active Power Filter to Reduce Supply Current Harmonics for Power Quality Improvement
The proposed model provides with low harmonic content in supply side and necessary reactive power is supplied to the Point of Common Coupling (PCC) thereby power factor of the system is improved in both static and dynamic conditions. Expand
Robust Queen Bee Assisted Genetic Algorithm (QBGA) Optimized Fractional Order PID (FOPID) Controller for Not Necessarily Minimum Phase Power Converters
It is demonstrated that the boost converter with a PID controller using the Queen Bee assisted Genetic Algorithm (QBGA) optimization is not robust to plant parameter variations, and a fractional order PID controller based on QBGA optimization proposed here is shown to have improved robustness. Expand