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To identify features of obstructive airway disease on sagittal reconstruction, compare the accuracy of findings to traditional imaging characteristics of COPD, and determine the fraction of additional cases identified using new characteristics. The study was approved by the centre’s Institutional Review Board and is HIPAA compliant. Two hundred sixteen(More)
BACKGROUND The impact of chronic hand dermatitis (ChHD) on patient-reported outcomes and economic costs has not been assessed in a US population. OBJECTIVE We sought to evaluate the quality of life, work productivity, activity impairment, and health care costs of patients with ChHD versus those without ChHD. METHODS A 13-item self-assessment(More)
Although studies conducted outside of the United States have found a 7% to 12% prevalence of chronic hand dermatitis, no US general population-based estimates have been reported. The objective of this study was to quantify the prevalence of chronic hand dermatitis in a US managed care organization population. A 13-item self-assessment questionnaire was(More)
We obtain the Plancherel decomposition for a reductive symmetric space in the sense of representation theory. Our starting point is the Plancherel formula for spherical Schwartz functions, obtained in part I. The formula for Schwartz functions involves Eisenstein integrals obtained by a residual calculus. In the present paper we identify these integrals as(More)
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