Elamin A. Elkhalifa

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Bambara groundnut (Vigna subterrenea (L) Verdc) is a major source of vegetable protein in sub-Saharan Africa. And the aim of this study was to enhance the nutritional value of wheat bread through the addition of bambara groundnut flour to wheat four. For this, bambara groundnut seeds were soaked in tap water, manually decorticated, sun dried and milled into(More)
The indigenous fermented fish, 'fasiekh', is the major fermented product from fish in the Sudan. It is made mainly from two common Nile fish, namely, Kawara (Alestes spp) and kass (Hydrocyonus spp.). In the present study, The chemical and microbiological characteristics of fassiekh were determined. The samples have shown slight differences in most of their(More)
In the present study, fresh raw camel and cow's milk were concentrated to 20-30% total solids, and then dried using a pilot spray-dryer. The effect of direction of feed on physicochemical properties camel milk powders on physicochemical characteristics of the various spray-dried milks were determined. Some of the examined parameters of spray dried milks(More)
Kejeik product samples were collected from two different locations in Sudan including Singah city (Blue Nile) and Kusti city (White Nile). The contents of protein, moisture, ash, fat, crude fiber and carbohydrates varied considerably and ranged between 63.52-78.06, 5.37-6.69, 5.78-11.8, 9.04-16.13, 0.55-1.34 and 0.59-1.61% respectively, in the various(More)
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