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Inner-ear hair cell differentiation requires Atoh1 function, while Eya1, Six1, and Sox2 are coexpressed in sensory progenitors and mutations in these genes cause sensorineural hearing loss. However, how these genes are linked functionally and the transcriptional networks controlling hair cell induction remain unclear. Here, we show (1) that Eya1/Six1 are(More)
This article provides a comprehensive analysis on implementing the next-generation optical-wireless integration architectures. The different approaches to implementing a complete fixed-mobile converged network that ensures desired quality of service for various applications are explored. This discussion is specifically focused on LTE-10GEPON integration(More)
In this work, we present a comparative study of two just-in-time (JIT) dynamic bandwidth allocation algorithms (DBAs), designed to improve the energy-efficiency of the 10 Gbps Ethernet passive optical networks (10G-EPONs). The algorithms, termed just-in-time with varying polling cycle times (JIT) and just-in-time with fixed polling cycle times (J-FIT), are(More)
VCY2 is a testis-specific protein that locates in a frequently deleted azoospermia factor c region on chromosome Yq. Although its genomic structure has been characterized, the function of VCY2 is still unknown. To gain insight regarding the likely function of VCY2, we investigated the proteins that interact with VCY2 using the yeast two-hybrid system. We(More)
A striking feature of vestibular hair cells is the polarized arrangement of their stereocilia as the basis for their directional sensitivity. In mammals, each of the vestibular end organs is characterized by a distinct distribution of these polarized cells. We utilized the technique of post-fixation transganglionic neuronal tracing with fluorescent lipid(More)
Internet traffic has grown rapidly in recent years and is expected to continue to expand significantly over the next decade. Consequently, the resulting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of telecommunications service-supporting infrastructures have become an important issue. In this study, we develop a set of models for assessing the use-phase power(More)
Self-renewal and proliferation of nephron progenitor cells and the decision to initiate nephrogenesis are crucial events directing kidney development. Despite recent advancements in defining lineage and regulators for the progenitors, fundamental questions about mechanisms driving expansion of the progenitors remain unanswered. Here we show that Eya1(More)
The extended-reach broadband access network is widely acknowledged as a future-proof solution to providing bandwidth-intensive services to an increased number of users spread across a large geographical area. To address fiber failure detection and reliability issues specific to these networks, a simple automatic protection switching and pump laser shutdown(More)
VCY2 locates in the AZFc region on chromosome Yq and is frequently deleted in infertile men with severe oligozoospermia or azoospermia. VCY2 is a testis-specific protein with unknown function. This study was to identify the protein that interacts with VCY2. We used the full-length VCY2 as bait to screen the human testis cDNA library using yeast two-hybrid(More)