Elaine Winston

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Packaged software is used by small businesses to lead business process reengineering and knowledge management initiatives, gain strategic advantage, and increase productivity. Studies suggest, however, that these implementations often fail to yield expected benefits. In this study, MIS consultants were interviewed to explore packaged software implementation(More)
Currently, compliance and innovation are key organizational goals that are managed by end users. These goals, however, are often considered as separate managerial objectives that must compete for limited corporate resources. This study explores how mid-level managers use strategic IS to simultaneously achieve innovation and compliance goals. An overview of(More)
Given the current e-commerce environment small business success often depends on IS-enabled change. Small businesses rely on IS-enabled changes to enhance cooperation and alignment among themselves and to achieve benefits from information technology. The literature identifies factors of resistance to IS-enabled change as human, political, and technical. A(More)
The intense radiation from a gamma-ray burst (GRB) is shown to be capable of melting stony material at distances up to 300 light years which subsequently cool to form chondrules. These conditions were created in the laboratory for the first time when millimeter sized pellets were placed in a vacuum chamber in the white synchrotron beam at the European(More)
The threat of abandoned or extensively overhauled IS is a major concern for both MIS specialists and businesses. This concern may stem from the mismatch between MIS specialist change agent role and IS environment, and is a complex problem to solve. The problem results when the MIS specialist's role outlines responsibilities that cannot possibly manage the(More)
This study emphasizes the critical role of MIS specialists when implementing IS initiatives. Over the years, the work of MIS specialists has evolved from designing technical aspects of an IS to influencing business transformation. The responsibility for managing both social and technological change is referred to as change agent roles. In this study, MIS(More)
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