Elaine Whittingham

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At the interface between land and sea, the coast is arguably one of the most complex and dynamic environments on this planet. Composed of a diversity of interacting natural, socio-cultural, economic and political systems, the coast is in a constant state of change, not only as a result of the constant biophysical forces operating at the coast but also as a(More)
In 1999, Ontario implemented a policy to offer HIV counseling and testing to all pregnant women and undertook measures to increase HIV testing. We evaluated the effectiveness of the new policy by examining HIV test uptake, the number of HIV-infected women identified and, in 2002, the HIV rate in women not tested during prenatal care. We analyzed test uptake(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the impact of the Ontario HIV screening program to reduce mother-infant HIV transmission, this study estimated the proportion of preventable transmissions that were prevented. METHODS Using an iterative spreadsheet model, incidences of HIV infection, AIDS, and AIDS mortality in Ontario women were estimated by exposure category. The(More)
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