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Facilitating engaging user experiences is essential in the design of interactive systems. To accomplish this, it is necessary to understand the composition of this construct and how to evaluate it. Building on previous work that posited a theory of engagement and identified a core set of attributes that operationalized this construct, we constructed and(More)
The purpose of this article is to critically deconstruct the term engagement as it applies to peoples' experiences with technology. Through an extensive, critical multidisciplinary literature review and exploratory study of users of Web searching, online shopping, Webcasting, and gaming applications, we conceptually and operationally defined engagement.(More)
We hypothesized that the attributes of a document’s genre determine a document’s ability to be identified uniquely. Consequently, recognizing the genre will facilitate effective user-document interaction. In this pilot study, we exposed fifteen participants to a set of paper and digital documents, each converted into two surrogates: one based on form, in(More)
Use of document genre in information retrieval systems has the potential to improve the task-appropriateness of results. However, genre classification remains a challenging problem. We describe a case study of genre classification in a software engineering workplace domain, which includes the development of a genre taxonomy and experiments in automatic(More)