Elaine T. Chen

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Zebrafish are an emerging model for the study of the molecular mechanisms of brain function. To conduct studies of the neural bases of behavior in zebrafish, we must understand the behavioral function of zebrafish and how it is altered by perturbations of brain function. This study determined nicotine actions on memory function in zebrafish. With the(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to determine the clinical and molecular characteristics of 2,079 patients who underwent hereditary cancer multigene panel testing. METHODS Panels included comprehensive analysis of 14-22 cancer susceptibility genes (BRCA1 and BRCA2 not included), depending on the panel ordered (BreastNext, OvaNext, ColoNext, or(More)
Dementia and elder abuse are relatively common and under-diagnosed geriatric syndromes. A unique relationship is observed when the two entities coexist. Special issues can confound the care of the dementia patient suspected of being abused. Impaired language or motor abilities to communicate abusive situations to a third party, lack of decisional capacity(More)
This paper describes a new six degree of freedom haptic interface with a large translational and rotational range of motion. The 6DOF haptic interface is demonstrated with an example industrial-scale virtual prototyping simulation which shows a moderately complex object interacting with an arbitrarily complex virtual environment, using a full-service(More)
The Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship (formerly the MIT Entrepreneurship Center) helps provide the knowledge, support, and connections needed for MIT students to become entrepreneurs. To that end, the center supports a wide range of academic courses; provides programming and resources for students, including support for entrepreneurship student(More)
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