Elaine Swanepoel

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BACKGROUND Few data are available on malignant pericardial effusion (MPCE) in breast cancer. We identify the patient prone to develop MPCE describe the result of surgical management, and try to identify a subgroup of patients who do not benefit from surgical management. METHOD We performed an audit of our policy of active search for MPCE in breast cancer(More)
Markedly increased concentrations of free fatty acids after a fatty meal and heparin injection already have been shown to falsely increase thyroxine values measured by competitive protein-binding techniques, where ethanol extraction in used. We report here the effect of lesser increases. In 10 patients receiving heparin during hemodialysis we found(More)
Nerve entrapment syndromes occur because of anatomic constraints at specific locations in both upper and lower limbs. Anatomical locations prone to nerve entrapment syndromes include sites where a nerve courses through fibro-osseous or fibromuscular tunnels or penetrates a muscle. The median nerve (MN) can be entrapped by the ligament of Struthers;(More)
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