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In this paper, we describe the NASA sponsored workshop on Issues in the Application of Data Mining to Scientific Data. The objectives of the workshop were to bring together computer scientists and physical scientists to assess the state of the practice in data mining for scientific applications; share experiences in applying this technology; and to help(More)
– GENESIS is a NASA-sponsored partnership between the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, academia, and three NASA data centers to develop a new suite of web services tools to facilitate multi-sensor investigations in Earth System Science. Residing within a framework known as SciFlo, these tools will offer versatile operators for data access, subsetting,(More)
Introduction: We are adapting the fast-developing and well-supported open geospatial standards and technologies for the access, processing, and display of geospatial data to the planetary domain. In particular, we are implementing prototype Web Mapping Services (WMS) and Web Coverage Services (WCS) to present high level products derived from NASA's Mars and(More)
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