Elaine Qing Chang

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We present HePToX, a full-fledged peer-to-peer database system that efficiently handles XML data heterogeneity. In a highly dynamic P2P network, it is unrealistic for a peer entering the network to be forced to agree on a global mediated schema, or to perform heavyweight operations for mapping its schema to neighboring schemas. In our demo, we show that to(More)
We study a collection of heterogeneous XML databases maintaining similar and related information, exchanging data via a peer to peer overlay network. In this setting, a mediated global schema is unrealistic. Yet, users/applications wish to query the databases via one peer using its schema. We have recently developed Hep-ToX, a P2P Heterogeneous XML database(More)
BACKGROUND High-density lipoprotein (HDL) subfractions are among the new emerging risk factors for atherosclerosis. In particular, HDL 2b has been shown to be linked to cardiovascular risk. This study uses a novel microfluidics-based method to establish HDL 2b clinical utility using samples from the Prospective Cardiovascular Muenster (PROCAM) Study. (More)
OBJECTIVE The authors determined the prevalence of stress, depression, and burnout in medical students and the resources used by students in one school to alleviate psychological distress. METHODS A survey was administered to 526 students in the first 3 years of medical school (336 responders; response rate: 70%) at one institution, using a modified(More)
Peers in a peer-to-peer data management system often have heterogeneous schemas and no mediated global schema. To translate queries across peers, we assume each peer provides correspondences between its schema and a small number of other peer schemas. We focus on query refor-mulation in the presence of heterogeneous XML schemas, including data–metadata(More)
Both search engine click-through log and social annotation have been utilized as user feedback for search result re-ranking. However, to our best knowledge, no previous study has explored the correlation between these two factors for the task of search result ranking. In this paper, we show that the gap between search queries and social tags of the same Web(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to assess the usage of mental health counseling services by medical students. Medical students experience high rates of burnout, depression, and suicidal ideation. Our medical school (Baylor) provides free professional counseling services. METHODS The authors administered a survey that included a burnout scale; a(More)
In a peer-to-peer data management system, the peers may have heterogeneous schemas, and no mediated global schema. To facilitate data exchange, we assume each entering peer provides correspondences between its schema and a small number of other peer schemas. We study the problem of schema mapping and query translation in the context of heterogeneous XML(More)