Elaine Meyer Lee

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Annually, approximately 15% of Ireland's electricity requirement is provided through the combustion of 3 x 10(6) tonnes of peat. While the literature on coal-fired power generation is quite abundant, studies on the peat-fired power generation industry from a radiological point of view are scarce. A study of the largest Irish peat-fired power plant was(More)
A lawyer representing seven-year-old James discussed James' options with him at considerable length. She explained to him that he had a number of choices about where he would live, some with family , some in foster care, and she took pains to discuss the likely consequences of each of his choices. James participated actively in the conversation, and had no(More)
177 opinion & comment information. As mentioned, participants were randomly assigned to the non-prompt or prompt condition. A prerequisite for participation was that the individual had lived in the area during the previous winter. The temperature on the day of the study registered a relatively high 80 °F, compared with a normal high of 70 °F. The previous(More)
This paper presents the findings of a study undertaken to determine the natural radioactivity present in building materials in the Republic of Ireland. A total of 70 samples of commonly used building materials were collected from various manufacturers and suppliers throughout the country and analyzed using a HPGe gamma ray spectrometer. The specific(More)
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