Elaine Meyer Lee

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BACKGROUND Implementing effective antenatal care models is a key global policy goal. However, the mechanisms of action of these multi-faceted models that would allow widespread implementation are seldom examined and poorly understood. In existing care model analyses there is little distinction between what is done, how it is done, and who does it. A new(More)
A lawyer representing seven-year-old James discussed James' options with him at considerable length. She explained to him that he had a number of choices about where he would live, some with family , some in foster care, and she took pains to discuss the likely consequences of each of his choices. James participated actively in the conversation, and had no(More)
BACKGROUND Antenatal care models vary widely around the world, reflecting local contexts, drivers and resources. Randomised controlled trials (RCTs) have tested the impact of multi-component antenatal care interventions on service delivery and outcomes in many countries since the 1980s. Some have applied entirely new schemes, while others have modified(More)
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