Elaine May Huang

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With the growing adoption of smart home technologies, inhabitants are faced with the challenge of making sense of the data that their homes can collect to configure automated behaviors that benefit their routines. Current commercial smart home interfaces usually provide information on individual devices instead of a more comprehensive overview of a home's(More)
Interacting with smart homes and Internet of Things devices is still far from being a seamless experience as there are often many different interfaces involved. Due to the improvements of speech recognition and synthesis, voice-based agents are becoming more common to give users a unified interface to different individual systems. These agents often exhibit(More)
In this position paper, we suggest that seams between devices in a multi-device ubiquitous computing environment can take on many forms, notably explicit UI interactions, physical interactions outside of user interfaces, and social coordination steps necessary to appropriate devices within the environment. We describe our research in the area of shared,(More)
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