Elaine M. Raybourn

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The accurate identification of obscured and concealed objects in complex environments was an important skill required for survival during human evolution, and is required today for many forms of expertise. Here we used transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) guided using neuroimaging to increase learning rate in a novel, minimally guided(More)
As the computer game industry grows, game capabilities and designs are being re-used for purposes other than entertainment. The study of 'Serious Games', i.e. games for education and policy making, is of growing interest in many sectors. This SIG will bring together people interested in the topic area to discuss emerging opportunities and challenges. A(More)
This sketch describes DocuDrama, a tool that offers a generation of interactive narratives that are based on activities in a collaborative virtual environment. DocuDrama [Schäfer et al. 2001] is built as part of TOWER [2002], a Theatre of Work Enabling Relationships, which allows project members to be aware of project relevant activities as well as to(More)
This paper presents a report on a new multiplayer simulation game for government and/or non-government interpersonal and intercultural communication training that launched in December 2004 and was designed expressly to serve as a non-violent virtual sandbox in which multiple players practice communication skills, mental agility, and hone cultural awareness(More)