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Women in the USA are at disproportionate risk of dying from a myocardial infarction (MI), of suffering disabilities following an MI, and of reinfarcting and dying within a year of their initial MI. Various explanations, including women's older age at clinical manifestation of coronary heart disease (CHD) and higher likelihood of co-morbidities, have been(More)
In Rhizobium leguminosarum both the C4-dicarboxylate transport system and wild-type lipopolysaccharide layer (LPS) are essential for nitrogen fixation. A Tn5 mutant (RU301) of R. leguminosarum bv. viciae 3841, was isolated that is only able to synthesize LPS II, which lacks the O-antigen. Strain RU301 exhibits a rough colony morphology, flocculates in(More)
OBJECTIVES Dissemination of research results to communities builds capacity of the community to understand and utilize the results. The objective of this manuscript was to propose a culturally appropriate approach to disseminate complex disease genetics research findings in small Alaska Native communities. STUDY DESIGN The Center for Alaska Native Health(More)
In this article, we explore the flexible configuration of a local knowledge system about hypertension symptoms, foregrounding it against prevailing biomedical assertions regarding the asymptomatic or "silent" nature of hypertension. The complex and coherent knowledge system held by older African Americans living in a southern, rural community stands in(More)
In Western nations, cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death and disability, and myocardial infarction (MI or heart attack) is responsible for the most significant proportion of these deaths. Over the past decades, however, mortality rates from CVD in general and MI specifically have been decreasing due in large part to the proliferation(More)
Researchers have long held that fatalism (the belief in a lack of personal power or control over destiny or fate) constitutes a major barrier to participation in positive health behaviors and, subsequently, adversely affects health outcomes. In this article, we present two in-depth, ethnographic studies of rural women's health decisions surrounding cancer(More)
In response to the serious toll diabetes takes on health and resources, researchers increasingly are examining physical and psychological pathways that affect and are affected by diabetes, including stress. Although biomedical researchers and practitioners are beginning to recognize the association between stress and diabetes onset and management,(More)
BACKGROUND In 2009 the Institute of Medicine updated its guidelines for weight gain during pregnancy, in part because women of childbearing age now weigh more pre-pregnancy and tend to gain more weight during pregnancy than women did when the previous set of guidelines were released in 1990. Women who begin pregnancy overweight or obese and women who gain(More)
OBJECTIVES Institutional review boards (IRBs), designed to protect individual study participants, do not routinely assess community consent, risks, and benefits. Community groups are establishing ethics review processes to determine whether and how research is conducted in their communities. To strengthen the ethics review of community-engaged research, we(More)
Time in treatment is considered an important predictor of good outcomes for drug abuse treatment. Patient retention would be of particular concern for low-service types of treatment. Interim methadone maintenance was developed as an alternative to waiting lists and as a method of providing HIV risk-reduction services to heroin addicts waiting for treatment,(More)