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When Mary Cholmeley married Henry Fairfax in 1627, she carried to her new home in Yorkshire a leather-bound notebook filled with medical recipes. Over the next few decades, Mary and Henry, their children and various members of the Fairfax and Cholmeley families continually entered new medical and culinary information into this 'treasury for health.'(More)
Random peptide libraries are displayed on filamentous bacteriophage as fusions to either the minor coat protein, pIII, or the major coat protein, pVIII. We have devised a means of isolating the peptide displayed on a phage clone by transferring it to the N-terminus of the maltose-binding protein (MBP) of Escherichia coli encoded by malE. Transfer of a(More)
Figure 1 The 'homemade' endovascular snare, shown from open (left) to closed (right) We describe a method for tying a self-locking knot to apply tension to a free tendon end for hamstring graft anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. This is faster, safer and easier than Whip stitching and is secure enough to feed the graft through bone tunnels. The(More)
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