Elaine L. Sonderegger

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We present Persistent Turing Machines (PTMs), an interactive extension of the classical Turing-machine model of computation. A PTM repeatedly receives an input token from the environment, computes for a while, and then outputs the result. The new twist, however, is that the PTM is allowed to \remember" its previous state (work-tape contents) upon commencing(More)
Replication is a fundamental technique for increasing through-put and achieving fault tolerance in distributed data services. However, its implementation may induce significant communication costs to maintain consistency between the replicas. Eventually-Serializable Data Service (ESDS) has been proposed to reduce these costs and enable fast operations on(More)
Rambo is the Reconfigurable Atomic Memory for Basic Objects , a formally specified algorithm that implements atomic read/write shared memory in dynamic networks, where the participating hosts may join, leave, or fail. Rambo is particularly suited for volatile environments such as mobile networks. To maintain availability and consistency in such dynamic(More)
Abstract models and specifications can be used in the design of distributed applications to formally reason about their safety properties. However, the benefits of using formal methods are offset by the challenging process of mapping the functionality of an abstract specification to the low-level executable code for target distributed platforms. Formal(More)
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