Elaine L. Davis

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The majority of studies examining dental school curriculum have addressed organization, structure, and content issues from the perspectives of administrators, faculty, practitioners/alumni, and professional organizations. However, few studies have focused on students' opinions of dental school. The purpose of this study was to determine students'(More)
A systematic review of original studies was conducted to determine if differences in oral health exist between adults who have intellectual disabilities (ID) and the general population. Electronic searching identified 27 studies that met the inclusion criteria. These studies were assessed for strength of evidence. People with ID have poorer oral hygiene and(More)
Protein translocation into the endoplasmic reticulum occurs at pore-forming structures known as translocons. In yeast, two different targeting pathways converge at a translocation pore formed by the Sec61 complex. The signal recognition particle-dependent pathway targets nascent precursors co-translationally, whereas the Sec62p-dependent pathway targets(More)
A clinically acceptable MOD cavity preparation was used instead of a jig-mounted slot preparation in this investigation. Each preparation was proportional to the tooth dimension. The design of the testing instrument ensured that forces applied to the specimens were applied to tooth structure and not to the restorative material. Prepared unrestored teeth(More)
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM There are several electronic shade-matching instruments available for clinical use, but the reliability and accuracy of these instruments have not been thoroughly investigated. PURPOSE The purpose of this in vitro study was to evaluate the reliability and accuracy of 4 dental shade-matching instruments in a standardized environment.(More)
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM The natural tooth color space reported by a manufacturer may not represent the comprehensive spectrum of natural teeth for all population groups. PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to define a natural tooth color space within the Greater Buffalo, New York population and to compare that to the color space determined by a(More)
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Excessive wear of artificial resin teeth has been a concern to both the patient and the dentist because of unfavorable associated sequelae. The search for a more wear resistant resin tooth material resulted in the development of modified resin teeth that displayed acceptable wear resistance. PURPOSE This study compared clinical wear(More)
An intervention designed to test the influence of cognitive restructuring on protective oral health behaviors was conducted with 108 patients with mild to moderate gingivitis. Subjects in the experimental group viewed slides of active, mobile bacteria taken from their mouths on 5 occasions: before and after prophylaxis and at 3 appointments, one month(More)
One potential risk of orthodontic treatment is the development of surface decalcification in association with use of brackets and bands. A bonding agent that could render tooth structure more resistant to the caries process clearly would reduce the negative iatrogenic outcomes of orthodontic therapy and thereby benefit the patient. Glass ionomer cement(More)