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Enablers and barriers to the implementation of primary health care interventions for Indigenous people with chronic diseases: a systematic review
BackgroundAccess to appropriate, affordable, acceptable and comprehensive primary health care (PHC) is critical for improving the health of Indigenous populations. Whilst appropriate infrastructure,Expand
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What keeps you strong? A systematic review identifying how primary health‐care and aged‐care services can support the well‐being of older Indigenous peoples
The objective of this systematic review was to identify primary health‐care or aged‐care strategies that have or could support the well‐being of older Indigenous peoples.
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Facilitating engagement through strong relationships between primary healthcare and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
Objective: Given the high prevalence of chronic disease, it is of concern that access to and sustained engagement with primary healthcare services by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander AustraliansExpand
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Towards the development of a wellbeing model for aboriginal and Torres Strait islander peoples living with chronic disease
BackgroundRe-defining the way in which care is delivered, to reflect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ needs and values, is essential for improving the accessibility of primaryExpand
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Using Indigenist and Indigenous methodologies to connect to deeper understandings of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' quality of life.
The lack of a common description makes measuring the concept of quality of life (QoL) a challenge. Whether QoL incorporates broader social features or is attributed to health conditions, the diverseExpand
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The CREATE Critical Appraisal Tool: Establishing The Validity, Reliability And Feasibility Of A Tool To Appraise Research From Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Perspective
Abstract presented at the Global Evidence Summit: Using evidence. Improving lives, 13-16 September 2017, Cape Town, South Africa
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Characteristics of Indigenous primary health care models of service delivery: a scoping review protocol
Review objective The objective of the scoping review is to identify and describe within the existing literature the characteristics (values, principles, components and suggest practical applications)Expand
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The effect of alcohol sales and advertising restrictions on a remote Australian community
Aim: To evaluate the effect of restricting hours of sale for take-away alcohol, container sizes for beverages linked to risky consumption and advertising and promotion of certain high-strengthExpand
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What keeps you strong? How primary healthcare and aged care services can support the wellbeing of older Indigenous peoples: a systematic literature review protocol
Review question/objective The primary objective of this review is to systematically examine scientific literature that reports on strategies or interventions that have been or could be developed, orExpand
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An evaluation of liquor licensing restrictions in the Western Australian community of Port Hedland
In response to expressions of concern from the Town of Port Hedland about local alcohol problems, the Western Australian Director of Liquor Licensing conducted a series of inquiries leading to theExpand
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