Elaine J Tanhehco

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BACKGROUND In heart failure (HF), aldosterone has been implicated in the formation of reactive interstitial fibrosis, a maladaptation that contributes to left ventricular (LV) remodeling. Eplerenone is a novel selective aldosterone blocker. The present study examined the effects of long-term monotherapy with eplerenone on the progression of LV dysfunction(More)
Passive mechanical containment of failing left ventricle (LV) with the Acorn Cardiac Support Device (CSD) was shown to prevent progressive LV dilation in dogs with heart failure (HF) and increase ejection fraction. To examine possible mechanisms for improved LV function with the CSD, we examined the effect of CSD therapy on the expression of cardiac stretch(More)
1. The direct cardiac electrophysiological and antifibrillatory actions of tedisamil (KC-8857) were studied in rabbit isolated hearts. 2. Tedisamil (1, 3, and 10 microM), prolonged the ventricular effective refractory period (VRP) from 120 +/- 18 ms (baseline) to 155 +/- 19, 171 +/- 20, and 205 +/- 14 ms, respectively. Three groups of isolated hearts (n = 6(More)
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