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Exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) is strongly associated with childhood morbidity. Cotinine, the major metabolite of nicotine, is a useful marker of tobacco smoke exposure. Cotinine levels in infants are higher than in older children or adults exposed to the same reported quantity of ETS. One hypothesis to explain this difference is that the(More)
Ogilvies syndrome (OS) is a rare condition in obstetrics but occurs most commonly after caesarean section. Mortality rates from OS can be as high as 36–50% when bowel perforation or ischemia develops which highlights the early recognition of this condition. Early diagnosis is therefore essential to prevent serious morbidity and mortality. We, therefore(More)
A seven-year-old female spayed Domestic Short-haired cat was brought for examination following a four-month history of conjunctivitis in the right eye. The superior palpebral conjunctiva was diffusely swollen and firm, displacing the right globe ventrally and preventing full closure of the eyelids. The right popliteal lymph node was enlarged as were several(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop a standard method for measuring tear production in large Psittaciformes using the phenol red thread (PRT) tear test. To establish mean PRT tear test values in clinically normal pet birds and to assess the reproducibility of the test. ANIMALS Two geographically distinct populations of healthy, large Psittaciformes (pilot study and(More)
Ophthalmic emergencies are common presenting complaints in an emergency room. Most ophthalmic emergencies can be treated and stabilized until an ophthalmologist can be consulted. Most ocular emergencies involve loss of vision, compromised globe integrity, or severe ocular pain. Delay in treating true emergencies may result ina blind eye or loss of an eye.(More)
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