Elaine D. Mackowiak

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OBJECTIVE The content and daily cost of 14 popular multi-vitamin/ multi-mineral (MVMM) supplements promoted for adults 50 years of age or older in the United States were compared in order to provide pharmacists with objective information, enabling them to make more informed recommendations for these products. DATA SOURCES The labeled ingredients for MVMM(More)
Many elderly patients take several medications for chronic conditions, a situation which causes problems in compliance with drug regimens. This study surveyed patients' preferences among four devices designed to make compliance easier: rub-off reminder labels, medication organizer trays, a container cap with a modified alarm clock, and a digital elapsed(More)
United States sales of dietary supplements exceeded $18 billion in 2002, indicating that dietary supplement use is common among the American public. This report describes a survey of academic pharmacists and their use of dietary supplements and herbs. To date, most data comes from retail or community pharmacists, so a survey was developed to collect(More)
Concern regarding the hazard of mercury to the health of dentists has been widely expressed. Three groups of patients have been followed for three years to evaluate the effect of dental practice on mercury levels in the serum of dentists. At the beginning of the study and again three years later, only dental practitioners with at least twenty years of(More)
Overdramatized, unscientific investigations have contributed to the misconception that the cumulative effects of dental alloys are a serious threat to the clinician and other dental personnel. The reliability of the instrumentation and analytical techniques used for the analyses in this investigation has been well-documented. The following conclusions,(More)