Elaine C. Murphy

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The risks to non-target birds and other wildlife from the use of vertebrate pesticides, including anticoagulant rodenticides, are determined to a significant extent by species' intrinsic susceptibility, and the toxicokinetics of the compounds used. Brodifacoum is highly toxic to birds and mammals. The acute toxicity of brodifacoum to birds in New Zealand(More)
The toxic acetate analogue monofluoroacetic acid was employed to isolate Arabidopsis tDNA-tagged plants deficient in their ability to utilize or sense acetate. Several tDNA-tagged lines were isolated, including two that were determined to be allelic to an EMS-mutagenized line denoted acn1 for ac non-utilizing. Following conventions, the tDNA-tagged mutants(More)
BACKGROUND Anderson-Fabry disease (AFD) is a rare but underdiagnosed intracellular lipid disorder that can cause left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH). Lipid is known to shorten the magnetic resonance imaging parameter T1. We hypothesized that noncontrast T1 mapping by cardiovascular magnetic resonance would provide a novel and useful measure in this disease(More)
The extent and distribution of biochemical abnormalities thought to reflect disorders of subpopulations of neurons have been determined in the cerebral cortex from brains of patients with Alzheimer-type dementia and depressive illness who died of natural causes. In dementia, loss of gray matter from areas of the parietal and temporal lobes is most obvious.(More)
OBJECTIVE To measure and assess the significance of myocardial extracellular volume (ECV), determined non-invasively by equilibrium contrast cardiovascular magnetic resonance, as a clinical biomarker in health and a number of cardiac diseases of varying pathophysiology. DESIGN Prospective study. SETTING Tertiary referral cardiology centre in London, UK.(More)
CONTEXT The relationship between thyroid function and bone mineral density (BMD) is controversial. Existing studies are conflicting and confounded by differences in study design, small patient numbers, and sparse prospective data. OBJECTIVE We hypothesized that variation across the normal range of thyroid status in healthy postmenopausal women is(More)
We studied the ecology of a high-density population of stoats in Fiordland, New Zealand, in the summer and autumn of 1990-91 following a Nothofagus seeding in 1990. Results are compared with findings from the same area in 1991-92, a period of lower stoat density. In the high-density year, minimum home ranges (revealed by radio-tracking) of four females(More)
Excitatory dicarboxylic amino acids previously have been ascribed several functions in the brain. Here their total concentration and proposed neurochemical markers of neurotransmitter function have been measured in brain from patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD) and controls. Specimens were obtained antemortem (biopsy) approximately 3 years after(More)
CONTEXT Selenium status may have direct effects on bone and indirect effects through changes in thyroid hormone sensitivity. OBJECTIVE We hypothesized that variation in selenium status in healthy euthyroid postmenopausal women is associated with differences in bone turnover, bone mineral density (BMD) and fracture susceptibility. DESIGN The Osteoporosis(More)