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The binding of Ab (IgG)-opsonized particles by FcgammaRs on macrophages results in phagocytosis of the particles and generation of a respiratory burst. Both IgG-stimulated phagocytosis and respiratory burst involve activation of protein kinase C (PKC). However, the specific PKC isoforms required for these responses have yet to be identified. We have studied(More)
Protein kinase C (PKC) plays a prominent role in immune signaling, and the paradigms for isoform selective signaling are beginning to be elucidated. Real-time microscopy was combined with molecular and biochemical approaches to demonstrate a role for PKC- epsilon in Fc gamma receptor (Fc gammaR)-dependent phagocytosis. RAW 264.7 macrophages were transfected(More)
73. We thank members of our laboratories for their contributions, particularly U. Ashery and J. Sø-rensen for supplying parts of Fig. 1. Work in our laboratories has been funded in part by the Deut-sche Forschungsgemeinschaft (SFB 523 to E.N. and SFB 530 to J.R.). A synapse is a stable adhesive junction between two cells across which information is relayed(More)
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