Elaine Blechman

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This study investigated the short-term stability of teacher-rated aggression, peer-rated rejection, and peer-rated depressive symptoms in 478 elementary school children from 25 classrooms (first to third grades) in two geographical areas. Children who presented specific combinations of aggression, rejection, and depressive symptoms were tracked to determine(More)
In an increasingly mobile world, many citizens and professionals are frequent travellers. Access during unplanned care to their patient summary, their most essential health information in a form physicians in another country can understand can impact not only their safety, but also the quality and effectiveness of care. International health information(More)
As a guide to the selection of process and outcome measurement in interventions with drug-abusing women, we have offered a model of fundamental coping processes. Three coping processes--reinforcer management, challenge management, and affect management--appear critical to women's competence and physical hardiness. When these processes go awry, substance(More)
  • E A Blechman
  • 1982
Conventional social-science wisdom about the family background of substance abusers breaks down into three hypotheses. The broken home causes substance abuse; overprotective mothers with or without neglectful fathers cause substance abuse; substance abuse is reinforced by the changes it brings about in family interaction. The broke-home hypothesis(More)