Elaine A Hills

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To date, most estimates of the half-life of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in humans have been based on relatively short follow-up periods. To address this issue, we determined the half-lives of PCB congeners of occupational origin in the serum of former capacitor workers as part of a study conducted in 2003-2006--approximately 28 years after their last(More)
OBJECTIVES We studied trends of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy by residential socioeconomic status (SES) and racial/ethnic subgroups in New York State over a 10-year period. METHODS We merged New York State discharge data for 2.5 million women hospitalized with delivery from 1993 through 2002 with 2000 US Census data. RESULTS Rates of diagnoses for(More)
The coexistence of mouth and genital ulceration with hypopyon mentioned by Hippocrates and described by various workers in the early part of this century was first defined as a syndrome by Behget in 1937. The place of the syndrome as part of a systemic disorder is now clearer, and the underlying pathology appears to be a vasculitis. The disease runs a(More)
We hypothesize that occupational exposure to PCBs is associated with a reduction in central dopamine (DA) similar to changes previously seen in PCB exposed adult non-human primates. To test that hypothesis, we used [(123)I]beta-CIT SPECT imaging to estimate basal ganglia DA transporter density in former capacitor workers. Women, but not men, showed an(More)
BACKGROUND Critical data gaps remain regarding infertility treatment and child development. We assessed the utility of a birth certificate registry for developing a population cohort aimed at answering such questions. METHODS We utilised the Upstate New York livebirth registry (n = 201,063) to select births conceived with (n = 4024) infertility treatment(More)
In some patients with rheumatoid disease gas transfer across the lungs is abnormal. We measured the membrane component of gas transfer (Dm) and pulmonary capillary volume (Vc) in 48 patients with rheumatoid arthritis and in 48 normal volunteers matched for age, sex, and smoking habits. Volunteers had normal chest radiographs and normal forced expiratory(More)
An investigation of lung function was carried out in 99 randomly selected patients with calssic or definite rheumatoid arthritis and in 60 control subjects matched for age, sex, and smoking habits. Mean FEV1 and mean VC were both significantly lower in the rheumatoid patients due to significant differences for women but mean FEV/VC ratio was 73.0% in the(More)