Elaine A. Carvalho

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BACKGROUND We report on nosocomial infections (NIs), causative organisms, and antimicrobial susceptibility patterns in neonates who were admitted to neonatal intensive care units (NICUs), and assess the performance of birth weight (BW) as a variable for risk-stratified NI rate reporting. METHODS A prospective, 10-year follow-up, open cohort study that(More)
OBJECTIVES To present a detailed investigation of risk factors, symptoms, and laboratory and imaging tests that may be useful to establish the clinical laboratory diagnosis of visceral larva migrans (VLM) in children, demonstrating the importance of diagnosis and treatment to prevent complications in the eyes, liver, and other organs. SOURCES Literature(More)
Immigrants from undeveloped countries are a growing problem in Europe. Spain has become a frequent destination for immigrants (20% of whom are children) because of its geographic location and its historic and cultural links with Africa and Latin America. Eosinophilia is frequent in adult immigrants, travelers and expatriates coming from tropical areas.(More)
1. The mobilization of neutrophils into the peritoneal cavity following stimulation with sterile mineral oil was studied in normal and schistosome-infected mice. This response was correlated with changes in blood neutrophil counts and with the production and release of medullar granulocytes. 2. The peritoneal neutrophil inflammatory reaction was(More)
The correlation among schistosomal infection, splenomegaly, and modifications of circulating blood leukocytes was studied. Peripheral neutropenia was found to occur concomitantly with incomplete splenic myelopoiesis of the neutrophil line. Sera from patients with schistosomiasis modified the proliferation of murine bone-marrow cells in soft-agar cultures. A(More)
BACKGROUND Healthcare Associated Infections constitute an important problem in Neonatal Units and invasive devices are frequently involved. However, studies on risk factors of newborns who undergo surgical procedures are scarce. OBJECTIVE To identify risk factors for laboratory-confirmed bloodstream infection in neonates undergoing surgical procedures. (More)
The relevance of business process modeling and information technology is growing. That happens because, in general, information systems automate, assist and control those processes. So, the business understanding can be crucial for an appropriate requirements definition. However, there are still few methods that exploit the contributions that the Business(More)
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