Elaheh Hosseini

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This book is a collection of wide-ranging, informative and provocative chapters discussing the use of social networks to serve teens, both online and in the library. Comprehensive surveys on this topic are being discussed in this series. The application of social networks is a new era for library services to young adults. Social networking tools are the(More)
This book includes a provocative collection of instructive, informative and inclusive topics of theories of information through an introduction and 11 chapters. The book attempts to cover a vast range of theories of information, communication and knowledge. It is the result of a great project which is funded by the French Institute of Information and(More)
Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA, a colloquial term referring to a collection of geometrical and positional isomers of linoleic acid) has attracted the attention of scientists due to its special properties. In this study, we used sunflower oil and castor oil as cost-effective substrates (in comparison with linoleic acid) for CLA production. A novel method(More)
This review presents an overview of recent progress in the development of bio-nano hybrid materials based on the photoactive protein bacteriorhodopsin (bR). The interfacing of bR with various nanostructures including colloidal nanoparticles (such as quantum dots and Ag NPs) and nanoparticulate thin films (such as TiO2 NPs and ZnO NPs,) has developed novel(More)